• Muscle - is an organ that can ralax, contract, and provide force to move your body parts.
  • Voluntary muscle - muscles that you are able to control
  • Involuntary muscle - muscles you can't control.
  • Skeletal muscle - the muscles that move bones.
  • Tendon - thick band of tissue that attatches bones to muscles.
  • Cardiac muscle - straighted, involuntary muscle found only in the heart.
  • Smooth muscle - involuntary, non straighted muscle that controls movemant of internal movement.
Muscles anterior labeled.png
Muscles anterior labeled.png

Muscles help make all of your daily movements possible. A muscle is an organ that can relax, contract, and provide force to move your body parts.
In a daily basis you,atleast , use 600 muscles in your body. In the process, energy is used and work is done. No matter how still you might try to be, some muscles in your body are still moving.

All the muscle tissue in your body is not the same. Everybody has 3 types of muscle -- skeletal, cardiac and smooth. Skeletal muscles are striated muscles that move bones. They're the most common muscles and are attatched to bones by thick bands of tissue called tendons. Cardiac muscles are striated muscles which are found in the heart. This muscle contracts 70 times per minute everyday of your life. The last type of muscle is called the Smooth muscle, these muscles are found in your internal organs. They're nonstriated, involuntary muscles that slowly contract and relax.
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The only reason you're able to move is because pairs of skeletal muscles work together. When one muscle of a pair contracts, the other muscle relaxes, or returns to its original length. Muscles always pull, they never push. Over a period of time, muscles can become larger or smaller, depending on whether or not they are used. Muscles that are given regular excersise respond quickly to stimuli, and get larger. When someone is paralyzed, his or her muscles become smaller due to the lack of excersise. Your muscles need energy to contract and relax, chemical energy is needed for muscle activity. Kozui Slimming Suit Asli
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The action of muscles, bones, and joints working together is like a lever. In your body, bones are rods, joints are fulcrums, and contraction and relaxation of muscles provide the force to move body parts. Levers are classified into 3 types -- firsr-calss, second-class, and third-class. All 3 types are found in the human body.
  • First-class Lever : The fulcrum lies between the effort force and the load.
  • Second-class Lever : The load lies betwwen the fulcrum and the effort force.
  • Third-class Lever : The effort force is between the fulcrum and the load.
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