• Retina- Light-snsitive tissue at the back of the eye;contains rods and cones
  • Cochlea- Fluid-filed structure in the inner ear in wich sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses.
  • Taste bud- Major sensory receptor on the tongue.
  • Olfactory cell- Nasal nerve that becomes stimulated by molecules in the air and sends impulses to the brain for interpretation of odors.
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- Light causes impulses that pass to the optic nerve. Your brain interprets the image.


- Convex lenses and concave lenses are used to correct vision.


- Sound waves stimulate nerve cells in the inner ear.

-Structures in the inner ear sense body movements.


- Molecules in the air stimulate nasal nerve cells, which allow you to smell.


-Taste buds are sensory receptors.